HOA MEETING NOTES: October 17, 2011


October 17, 2011

6:40 pm The annual Budget Meeting was brought to order. There was a quorum with Calvin Rollins, Kathy Grossman, Mary Barr and Auburn Burrell in attendance. A PSMI representative was present as well.


Calvin made a motion not to increase the dues this year. This was seconded by Kathy Grossman and passed by the Board.

Calvin was going to have PSMI check the insurance policy to be sure the fence is insured for property amount (– does it need to be increased each year?)

Calvin was going to call Lake Doctors to be sure they are tending to the lake properly. He noticed one day as they were leaving the neighborhood, that the boat was wet. He will also reduce the watering time at the front entrance to 2 times a week (for the winter).


7:05 pm The annual Election of Board Members Meeting was brought to order.  Kathy Grossman made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the budge meeting. Calvin Rollins seconded the motion, the motion was passed.

There was no quorum due to absence of homeowners. Since there was no quorum and no nominations for new officers, there was no election. The Board Members currently on the board agreed to stay on the Board.

7:45        Meeting was adjourned.


Next Meeting:                  2012          To be determined at a later date

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