HOA MEETING NOTES: April 27, 2011


April 27, 2011


6:40        Meeting was called to order. Calvin Rollins, William Daughtry, Kathy Grossman, Auburn Burrell and Mary Barr were in attendance. Michelle Jones with PSMI, was unable to attend.

There were five other homeowners in attendance as well as Mr. Ramirez, the owner of a home on Crossbrook Way. He is leasing this house out and he came to discuss the letter and invoice he received from the remediation lawyer. He also had a representative from Watson Realty and the parents of the tenants at the meeting. He stated that he has not received any notices in the past regarding any situation with these tenants. Calvin stated that a couple of homeowners in their cul-de-sac had been to several of our meetings in the past and had complained about the situation. These same homeowners were at our last meeting and this time gave us the address of the home they were having problems with. Calvin stated that he would look into the situation further and get back with him.  Mr. Ramirez stated that he would look for a phone call from Calvin and stated that in the future, all correspondence needed to come to the alternate address that PSMI has on record and he confirmed that PSMI had his current address.

Mary discussed sending certified final letters to residents on Crystal Brook Lane and Blue Stream Drive that have yards that have not been kept up to C&R standards for over two years. She will get with Michelle (PSMI) regarding the addresses that have been sent numerous letters in the past and have done nothing to improve the yards. This will be tabled until our next meeting when we have more information from Michelle.

The Board had a discussion regarding the waiving of late fees, collection fees, etc. on a homeowners dues account. Calvin made a motion not to waive late fees, collection fees, etc. regarding homeowner’s dues. Mary seconded the motion and the motion passed.

The Board discussed sprucing up the front entrance some more. The harsh winter took a toll on the grass that had been planted last spring.  Auburn had an estimate of how much it would cost to replace the sod in front and all around the brick walls (coming up to the sidewalk/walking path) on both sides of the road. Calvin made a motion to accept the bid that called for 7 pallets of sod at a cost of $2000.00. This would include cleaning out the old sod and laying the new sod). Kathy seconded the motion and the motion passed. Auburn would give Michelle a copy of the bids for her records. The Board also discussed hiring a pest control service to service the front entrance after the new sod was laid. Calvin had several bids, and motioned that we hire One Source to service the front entrance at $378/year. The Board also discussed adding rose bushes to the front entrance. Kathy was going to get some estimates and this was tabled until the next meeting.

The Board discussed the situation regarding homeowners/tenants stating that they are not receiving letters in the mail from PSMI. Calvin motioned that we start sending all correspondence out via certified mail. William seconded the motion and the motion passed.

7:45        Meeting adjourned.

                Next Meeting:                  May 10, 2011      6:30  Pablo Creek Library

HOA MEETING NOTES: March 9, 2011


March 9, 2011

6:30        The Board Members meeting (held at 12406 Antler Hill Lane) was called to order. There was a quorum with Calvin Rollins, Kathy Grossman, Mary Barr, Auburn Burrell and William Daughtry in attendance.  Michelle, from PSMI, was also in attendance. There were three home owners in attendance as well.

6:35        Calvin Rollins motioned to take the following homeowners to court due to constant violations of the C&R. Michelle had an invoice showing it would cost $155 per address in attorney’s fees to pursue this. 

                                12321 Blue Stream Drive                                 4586 Crystal Brook Way

                                4531 Crystal Brook Way                                12388 Blue Stream Drive

                                12536 Cross Brook Trail                                12528 Cross Brook Trail

                                4569 Shaky Leaf Lane NorthMary Barr seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Further action on additional homeowners in the neighborhood who are constantly violating the C&R regarding parking in the street and bad yards and fences, will be discussed and taken at the next HOA Board Meeting. 

7:15        Meeting was adjourned.                                 

Next Board Meeting: April 27, 2011 6:30 at Pablo Creek Library 

HOA MEETING NOTES: July 20, 2010



July 20, 2010

6:30     Meeting brought to order with Calvin Rollins, Mary Barr, Kathy Grossman and Auburn Burell present.

The current board was re-elected to serve another year.

Calvin reported that the message board has been completed under budget at $6500.

The Board signed a new contract with Lake Doctors due to a price reduction from $332 to $260 a month.

Calvin will get in contact with Jaguar Signs and pick up our “no-fishing, etc” sign and install it at the front of the community.

There was discussion about sending a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions being sent to the all renters in the community. Mary Barr will get with Michelle (PSMI) to see if a list can be compiled showing this information.

The board agreed to hire an off-duty police officer to patrol the community two times between now and the end of October to cite residents for speeding, excessive noise, public nuisance, etc. We will see how that goes and then decide if we should hire one to be in the community once or twice a month.

Homeowner, Olga Gikas, has agreed to go around the community collecting signatures to make amendments to the Covenants & Restrictions regarding white vinyl fencing and establishing a fine committee/fine system. Mary    Barr will get the necessary paperwork to her to accomplish this project.

Next meeting is set for:      October,  2010



6:30 pm Meeting called to order. Calvin Rollins, Kathy Grossman, Mary Barr, William Daughtry and Auburn Burrell were present. Ten homeowners were also in attendance.

Discussed parking issues again. Calvin reiterated that something could be done if a car was blocking a driveway or parked the wrong way on the street.

Discussed having a notary/witness/person to go around and get signatures in order to change the C&R’s. HO Scott offered to go. Kathy Grossman is in process of getting notary seal.

The landscaping lights were re-cemented again. The irrigation system is back in working order. Mary Barr cleaned up behind the brick walls.

Michelle spoke with the superintendent for Jax Utilities. They will not be reimbursing us for any damage done to the front entrance during the construction. They stated that any items located to the right of way are the responsibility of the HOA ot protect and/or remove these items during construction.

Michelle is checking on our “no fishing,etc” sign and will get back to me. She will also get back to me regarding Allsouth doing the yards that are in foreclosure.

PSMI: Calving will ask PSMI to post a position thru JSO to have an officer sit at the front entrance and check for speeders.


7:45 pm Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting set for: July 20,2010 (Election Meeting)

HOA MEETING NOTES: February 10, 2010



February 10, 2010

6:30 pm          Meeting was called to order.  A quorum was established with Calvin Rollins, Mary and Auburn in attendance. 

                        Allsouth is going to give a proposal to maintain the foreclosed properties. Michelle will call Allsouth with addresses and then meet with Allsouth to discuss what needs to be done. Also, get our Attorney’s opinions regarding this.


                        We have two estimates for new message board. Steve (PSMI) will find out who made the last message board and how much it was. Calvin moved to cap the new brick message board at $7000 (which includes insert board, building and installing plus electrical) The new height for the pillars will be six feet with the insert board at five feet.  This was seconded by Auburn.  Motion passed.  Calvin was going to research and order new insert.


                        PSMI was to call Lake Doctors and see if they will match Aquatics, Inc.’s monthly fees.


7:45 pm          Meeting adjourned.  


Next meeting set for:    May 12, 2010  (election meeting?)

HOA MEETING NOTES: December 16, 2009



December 16, 2009

6:35     Meeting came to order. There was a quorum with Calvin Rollins, Kathy Grossman and Mary Barr in attendance. Michelle from PSMI was in attendance. There were four residents in attendance. The board members voted on NOT raising the association fees this year. 

            Michelle’s To Do List:Have the landscaper clear the sewer drains near the front of the entrance on BS Drive.


Get an electrician out to fix light at front entrance. (Check with the city about fixing them, since they were busted up during the road construction)


Check on the $1500 bid  for new brick message boards and send a copy of it to the board members. Motion was made by Calvin to accept the bid for the brick message boards if the bid still stood at  $1500/each. All were in favor. It was seconded by Kathy.


Needs to purchase a new “no fishing/boating/swimming in ponds” sign for front entrance.


Get back with City on a constant basis to reimburse the Assocaiton for irrigation pipes that were broken during the road construction.


Transfer the majority of the checking acct. money into a money market acct. The amount to be decided by Calvin and Michelle. He will report on this at the next meeting.


Mary: Is going to check with Earthworks about re-doing the landscaping at the front entrance – removing the bushes and replacing them with low-maintenance, green-friendly greenery/ground cover/etc.  She will report on this at the next meeting


Kathy:Is going to put together some new color choices for the “Hunters Ridge” sign at the front entrance. She will report on this at the next meeting.


7:30     Meeting was adjourned.


                                                Next Meeting Scheduled for:           February 10, 2010



6:30 pm Meeting was called to order. A quorum was established with Calvin Rollins, Kathy Grossman, and Mary Barr in attendance.

Approval was given for Lake Doctors to re-stock the lakes for $513.60.

Calvin has agreed to re-paint the signs at the front entrance.

The sidewalk irrigation issue was tabled until Calvin could get in touch with Anita Warming at River City Management to discuss the possible funding of additional irrigation units to water the new area at the front entrance.

Michelle was asked to send letters to the realtors selling the foreclosed properties to take care of the lawns. She is also mailing out lien letters to the one’s that we checked off her past due list.

7:15 pm Meeting adjourned.

HOA MEETING NOTES: November 19, 2008 6:30


Budget Meeting – Calvin Rollins, Kathy Grossman, Auburn and Mary Barr were in attendance.

Raised dues from $1224.06 to $136.47 (10% increase)  Budget and dues increase favored by all.

6:50 Meeting closed.

6:55 HOA meeting – above board members still in attendance.

Michelle was introduced as our new PMI representative. She was asked to find someone who will skim the ponds and clean the grates. She will also have a Lake Doctors representative at our next board meeting to discuss exactly what they do to our ponds and what their schedule is to come out and check them. She is also going to send letters to all the homeowners around the new fence to keep their trees and shrubs cut.


Tabled fountains until the next meeting.


7:40 Meeting adjourned

Next meeting: March 17, 2009



6:30     Meeting called to order. Calvin Rollins, Mary Barr, Auburn, and William Daughtry were in attendance.

Calvin submitted estimates on pond fountains. We tabled the fountains for a later meeting.

The hole at the corner of Antler Hill Road and Red Mill has finally been fixed at no charge to the HOA.

 We are still working on finding a solicitor to go around the neighborhood getting signatures so we can change the Covenants and Restrictions of the HOA. 

We are putting lien for non-payment of dues on 4545 Antler Hill Drive East , and 4546 Blue Stream Lane North

Calvin proposed having an island constructed at the front entrance to discourage parents from parking there waiting on the school buses. This idea was tabled for a further meeting (waiting for construction to conclude on Kernan Blvd.)

7:45     Adjourned

                                    Next Meeting: November 19, 2008

HOA MEETING NOTES: February 27, 2008


 6:30 Meeting called to order. Calvin Rollins, Auburn, Kathy, Mary and Ramsey Walker were in attendance. Nine additional homeowners were also in attendance.

Pond Fountains:  Calvin would like to motion to the board about purchasing a fountain for the back pond. And possibly, putting a fountain into the other two ponds over the next two years (a fountain a year).  Board asked Ramsey to get bids on this. Aubry seconded the motion – motion passed.

The Board has asked Ramsey to get bids on a solicitation service so the Board can get signatures for bylaw changes/fine committee, etc.

The HO’s brought the pothole issue on Red Mill Ct. up with the Board.  – the hole has been there since October and the calls that they have been making to the city have gotten them nowhere. The Board asked Ramsey to get in touch with the City about the hole at Red Mill Ct. and Antler Hill Drive and find out what the hold-up is.

7:15 Meeting was adjourned.

Next Meeting:  May 21, 2008

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